Sunday, September 18, 2011

Injuries and Tragedies and Accidents, Oh My!

Jack's been progressively getting further and further away from being a baby and making his way into being a little man boy. Now that he's got this whole crawling skill down to a tee, he cruises all around the house as if he is Lola or Liam. If that wasn't enough to keep Kyle and I busy, he's also been really interested in touching, licking, grabbing, swallowing absolutely any and everything in his path. If he can't have it, he a stinky little baby. [I did learn one trick that seems to work now - rather than grabbing the object from him and just saying "NO", I hold my hand out and gently ask if I can have it since it's too dangerous and he'll hand it over (most of the time)].

Here is a list of tragedies endured in the last 2 weeks:
  1. Rammed his head into the computer desk
  2. Ate a piece of carpet and then puked it up like a hairball
  3. Pulled down his baby monitor on his head
  4. Knocked over Lola's water bowl twice
  5. Knocked over a plant
  6. Removed all of the corner cushions we put on the coffee table to "baby proof"
  7. Became an accomplice when he set Lola free out of her cage
I feel like I'm lacking on the complete list, but you get the idea. I know this is just the beginning of so many more to come. Lord help me..

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