Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Up, Stand Up [Take II]

It's official, he can pull himself up now. He did it for the first time this past Sunday night. I was in the kitchen making dinner and Kyle was in the other room, which Jack was in his playpen hanging out. Kyle walks in the room and said, "Did you pull him up to stand?". I said, "No, did you?". Aww...he did it on his own, and we both missed seeing him do it!

I remember when we were thinking it was so amazing when we would prop him up on his legs and he stood up on the couch at 4 months old. Flash forward 5 more months and he's pulling himself up on his own. It's incredible.

I'm not ready for him to start walking yet. Hopefully his chubby thighs help refrain that from happening anytime soon...

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