Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Typical Day

I wanted to share how a typical weekday in the Johnson household unfolds...

7:00am - My eyes begin to open because I start to hear Jack's little coos and the noise of him stretching and tossing around in his bassinet next to me. I glance at the clock and realize he went another night without waking me up to eat [Hallelujah!]. His eyes are still closed even though he's starting to stir. This gives me some time to go to the bathroom, put the coffee on, let Lola out and feed her, turn the TV on, and get situated in the living room.

7:30am - Kyle wakes up, changes Jack, and hands him over to me before he has to start getting ready for work. Jack is hungry and doesn't want to wait a second longer for his breakfast.

8:00am - Jack ate and ends up falling asleep on my chest as I burp him. I stop watching TV because he is much more interesting to stare at. I don't move, even if I have to answer the phone or get a drink of water...I want that moment to last as long as possible [it's my favorite part of the morning].

9:00am - I can no longer put off grabbing myself another cup of coffee and something to eat, so I get up and put him in his little lamb infant seat. I then tend to myself while I have the chance to.

10:30am - Jack eats lunch until he passes out, yet again on my chest. I let him sleep.

11:30am - Leg starts to cramp so I get up and place him in his swing. Then I start cleaning up the house, doing laundry, dishes, etc.

2:00pm - Jack is crying "FEED ME"

2:30pm - After his meal, I plop him in his car seat and head out the door pushing his stroller with Lola tied up to us. We go for a nice long walk around our neighborhood while it's still quiet and the kids aren't back from school yet. LOVE the fresh air. Jack is relaxed.

5:00pm - Feeding Jack again. Kyle is home from work. I get a break from diapers for most of the night.

6:00pm - I start cooking dinner. Since New Years it's been nothing but chicken breast, brown rice, and TONS of veggies. MmMMm. I love it...Kyle deals with it...and we've both been losing some weight, so it's win-win.

8:00pm - We retire in the living room, watching our favorite shows; The Office, The Apprentice, Survivor, Community, Mordern Family, House Hunters, Conan, etc. Jack hangs out with us either in our arms, his swing, or his little infant seat.

10:30pm - Close up the house, turn off the lights, lock up Lola in her cage, and lay down Jack in his bassinet for sleep. He may whine for a little while, but a few minutes later he is sleeping just like a perfect little angel.
I am enjoying this little schedule we have going here.  I start back at work come March 1st, so I still have some time to have fun with Jack and not adhere to any work obligations. Thankfully when March comes I won't have to travel far from my little boy!

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