Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

I’ve been really slacking with updating on my website, but what do you expect when you have a newborn!? We are definitely into more of a predictable routine, so I feel like I can relax, breath, and enjoy this experience as much as possible. It seems to get easier and easier with each passing day.
Coming home from the hospital was so surreal. I can write the order of events and what exactly happened, but it's hard to really describe it emotionally. I was so happy that the moment finally came where Jack was here, he was a healthy, perfect little baby that I could now look at and hold in my arms. I felt like all of my life's priorities, dreams, and views were being swished and mixed up around in my mind. The nurse wheeled me downstairs while I had Jack tightly in my arms. Kyle was going to get the car and bring it up front. The nurse left me in the entry way of the hospital. I sat there alone with Jack, staring at his face thinking only in emotion; pride....ecstasy....excitement....and a dash of fear. We were going home.
The most trialing part of this entire pregnancy, labor, and newborn roller coaster was by far the first couple of days at home after Jack was born. I can't imagine being on TLC's Bringing Home Baby and having a bunch of camera guys and strangers in my house following me around during everything. Ugh. Anyways, it was hard. Not only are we experiencing all of the baby care things for the first time in our lives, second guessing ourselves, and being in a constant state of paranoia [what was that noise? Is he breathing OK? Should he be laying like that?], I was also in a good amount of discomfort physically. The jury is still out on determining what was more painful; the 12 hours of labor and delivery or the recovery. I think it may be the second one just because your also under the pressures of caring for a newborn while running off zero sleep...plus I got the epidural Wink. Kyle and I pulled through that first hard week and Jack was doing good. I was so thankful that Kyle was able to take off from work to be home with me then. I would've been banging my head against the wall without him. I was a little nervous to have him go back to work just because I got so used to us working together and doing everything as a team. He was absolutely amazing with helping out [all without even being told! lol] Really though....I am one lucky lady.
It's funny how things are meant to be so balanced out in life. Regardless of how incredibly difficult it could be...it's just as incredibly wonderful. It makes all of the challenges worth it. Every time we would look over in Jack's direction, our hearts would melt. To this day we will say to one another, "I can't believe it, but Jack got even more cute since the last time I looked at him!". We are his biggest fans...or better yet, awful paparazzi who constantly follow him around and take a billion pictures of his every move, facial expression, and event in his life. We are obsessed.
I could keep going on and on about Jack. It's a never ending topic for conversation now with me [...it's a mom thing]. I feel like I should close this for now, give some quick stats on my little guy, and a few pictures. I will be posting on here MUCH more...weekly, if not daily. Stay tuned.

-Birth : 6lb 14oz, 19 1/2 in
-2 days : 6lb 7oz, 19 1/2 in
-2 weeks : 7lb 12 oz, 20 1/2 in

-Smile was almost right away...but always smiling (real smiles) around 4 weeks
-Rolled over from belly to back at 4 weeks
-Slept through the night at 6 weeks (from 10pm-7am)

Things he likes:
-looking at mommy and daddy; especially when daddy has a hat on or when mommy dances around and acts like an idiot
-eating lots
-Christmas lights
-going to the park
-hearing music, mommy's bad singing, or "shhhhhh"
-getting out a big burp

Things he hates:
-getting in/out of the bathtub
-diaper changes
-having to wait for food
-when his swing stops swinging
-being on his tummy


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