Friday, November 12, 2010

Less Than 20 Days...

As I write this, I am sitting on my yoga ball, balancing my big belly, and sniffling. I woke up with a stuffy/runny nose which I've been blowing all day long. Thankfully I don't have a fever or a sore throat to accompany my congestion. I hope it's just from the dry air and nothing more. I can't imagine being this pregnant AND being sick. No thank you! Being this far along in the pregnancy still isn't making me feel unbearably uncomfortable though [hallelujah]. I will randomly moan and groan about the extra weight I'm carrying around, Jack's punches and kicks to my ribs, my lack of energy, and awful back pain whenever I stand up after sitting for a while. These things are not that bad. Especially with labor in near-sight, all I can think about is just how minimal all of these discomforts are compared to that type of pain I'll be having. Then I remind myself, "It's's totally's only won't kill me...pain relief is there if I want it...and I will have the greatest gift as the end result." It is still really surreal to me (and I think sometimes to Kyle too), that we are having a baby. We've gotten so used to the nursery being finished, our hospital bags packed and sitting by the door, the bassinet in our bedroom, and the car seat set up in the back of the car. Right now, it feels like it's still going to be a long while before the big event is going to happen. It could be anytime from now until December 2nd. This means Jack will be here in less than 20 days! [I say December 2nd at the latest because the doctor informed us at our last appointment on Thursday that they will induce if he isn't naturally born a week after my due date.] I am crossing my fingers that this little booger isn't late like his mommy! I REALLY don't want to be induced. I've felt no painful contractions yet, I'm still only 1/2 cm, or "finger-tip" dilated, and just beginning to efface and soften. The doctors don't seem too phased by this slow progress because the dilation and effacement could really all happen in a matter of hours rather than slowly over days and weeks. Since I've had such a great pregnancy, I think that my body will be able to naturally progress through labor when it's ready, no induction necessary, but you never know...I will keep positive and work around whatever is thrown my way.

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