Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bad Pregnant Haircut

With Jack's arrival just around the corner, I have been busy doing every last minute thing I can possibly think to do before he comes. One thing I wanted to do was get a haircut and my eyebrows waxed. I was really looking forward to this as an opportunity to relax and enjoy being somewhat pampered. Unfortunately, it was almost the opposite.
I walked into the salon that's closest to my house in the Publix plaza. No one else was in the store. It was just this older woman who worked there, who was from Alabama and myself. She sat me down and instantly started commenting on my bump. Let me say that I'm fine with talking about being pregnant and having a baby to strangers. However, some things should not be said, especially to first time mothers. Let me she is washing my hair, which is really my favorite part of getting a haircut. This woman totally sucked at it. It was not as relaxing as it normally is and she wouldn't stop talking to me. She asks, "So what kind of birth are you planning?" and I answered, "I'm going to try natural birth at Winnie Palmer Hospital". She gasped and started going on and on about how difficult it's going to be, how hard it was, pretty much saying everything to freak the crap out of any first time mother who is already quite paranoid about what the pain will be like. To top that off, she then asks me, "so how much weight have you gained?", which I quietly answer "40lbs". She was floored! "Oh my gosh! You must've been really tiny before! I only gained 23lbs for both of my little girls!". Ohh, this lady couldn't have made my haircut more irritating. Wait, yes she could've. As she was cutting my hair, she was pulling the crap out it. I almost thought she was trying to test my pain tolerance because I said I wanted to do a natural labor. [Let me also say that this women really wasn't as evil as I am painting her to be. She was nice, but just had no idea that things she was saying were actually rude. I truly believe she didn't know the difference.] Thankfully, when I walked out of there I was actually pleased with the end result of the haircut itself which is usually hard to come by, but again, the experience was terrible! Hopefully once Jack is born and I'm in need for another haircut/relaxing moment, I will actually get just that. At least I can look forward to the end of the many awkward conversations with strangers since I won't have a visible bump anymore!

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