Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An End in Sight?

I haven't typed up a new entry on this blog in a week because if I did any sooner, all it would say is "I can't stop wondering when he will be here." "How much longer do I have to be pregnant for?" "I keep dreaming my water breaks, but then wake up to a dry bed and disappointment." I thought it would be best if I just kept my complaints and words about being so anxious to myself. I've heard many women describe the last trimester to be the longest. Personally, I wouldn't hate on the third trimester overall, but instead it's the last month that is the longest and worst by far. They tell you to prepare for the baby's arrival early on, just in case your little one does make an early arrival. It's better to be safe then sorry, right? Well, when you are safe and well prepared, it makes playing this waiting game even worse. During my baby shower, I remember saying that I had a feeling Jack was going to come late. I don't know what it was, but I just felt like he would be. As we got closer and I got more anxious I changed my mind and put my bets on his arrival being the full moon prior to his due date, which was November 21st. That date obviously came and went, so I was wrong. Since then, I've done just about every old wives tale you have ever heard of (minus drinking Castor Oil....uh, no thanks!). I've ate about 3 pineapples, bounced on the yoga ball, relied on the full moon, ate a ton of spicy food, bowls and bowls of chili, mac n cheese with A1, tried doing to the deed, and even just plain old relaxing. I have given up on the old wives tales. It's more than obvious that Jack will come when all things are ready and right. Personally, I feel like I couldn't be more ready for this. I couldn't be more prepared. I have run out of household tasks and errands to occupy myself with. I will continue to try and distract myself with pregnancy forums and websites...
We had our last doctor appointment today. It's strange to think that it will be our final time going to that office. Also, it was the last time I will be asked to pee in a cup (which I've gotten really good at), have my blood pressure checked, and appreciate the fact that I have a husband who is able to hold my hand and come with me to each visit. Today we met with Dr. Hamm. She checked me out, and I progressed. I went from 1/2 cm dilated to a whole 1 cm. I was so disappointed. She then told us that if I don't go into labor on my own soon, I will have to be induced. Dr. Hamm pulled out the schedule of the doctor's that work in that practice for next week so I could see when I would want to have the induction scheduled for. I thought it was pretty strange to have this power to choose when Jack could possibly be born. We ended up deciding on December 1st, since it was a solid week out and it was also a time when the hospital had an opening. It's set for 10PM. Ay-a-yay, that means I will be in labor all throughout the night...roughly 24-36 hours! Whew! I really can't wait though. That means it's the latest I will have to wait in order for me to go through it all, to finally experience child birth, and to meet my little miracle that I've been carrying around for the past 10 months. After the appointment we did had to get one last ultrasound done to make sure that everything was okay for us to wait it out another week. They checked his movements, size, fluid level, etc. Since he has gotten so big (a nice and solid 7lbs 11oz), it was difficult to get a good look at him. His little feet and toes are the cutest things I've ever seen though, I can't wait to see how much more cute they'll be in real life.
So, only time will tell how this journey will all unfold. I may have lost faith in the old wives tales, but I am staying as positive as possible to think that he will come on his own before December 1st. No matter what, I have trust that all will go well and we will be holding Jack in our arms soon.


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