Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Induction Eve

It's 8:00pm on Tuesday night, the night before our scheduled induction. As Kyle reminded me today, this will be the last night we have in the home together before our lives are changed forever with the arrival of little Jack Stuart. As precious as this night is, it eerily feels just the same as any other Tuesday evening at home. I am sitting on my laptop while sitting in the recliner, working and surfing the Internet while Kyle alternates between his baseball and soccer games on the Playstation. It's strange though, because I still feel like the true reality of it all hasn't quite hit the both of us yet. We are fairly calm, pretty organized with everything, and are feeling pretty giddy about meeting our new son...but at the same time we don't really believe it's all going to be finally happening here in a matter of hours. I'm wondering what I am going to do with myself tomorrow though. I will try to sleep in as long as I can bear, run some last minute errands, take a few naps throughout the day, and re-check our hospital bags once more. Thankfully Kyle is taking the day off with me so we'll at least be able to try and distract ourselves while getting as much energy built up as we can together. We plan to get a late dinner and then head to Winnie Palmer so we are there around 10PM for the appointment. It's so strange to think that I will be calmly walking into the hospital to have this baby. All the while I was trying to picture how it would happen, thinking I would be drenched in amniotic fluid from my water breaking, or being rushed through the doors in a wheelchair in a panic. I guess TV has let me down yet again! I can't believe the little bugger is coming in December too! This whole time we were planning on a November baby, but it looks like he will have a birthday in December like his daddy. I love it though. This is my favorite time of the year where the weather is finally cooler and everyone is preparing for Christmas. I cannot express just how thankful and happy I am to be enjoying Christmas morning together with my wonderful new husband and my precious little baby this year. I couldn't ask for anything else to be a happier girl. I am so grateful and so thankful for everything I have been given.

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