Friday, October 8, 2010

What Aches and Pains?

I know that I just blogged about all of the aches and pains of the 3rd trimester, but that seemed to have only lasted a few days [knock on wood] I've been feeling no back pain recently, I've gotten some great sleep at night (minus the 5 times I wake up to pee), I haven't experienced any real swelling, and no more headaches. I'm sure that the absence of these ailments is all temporary, but I am certainly enjoying this state of comfort when I have it!
More good news: My baby shower is tomorrow! I cannot wait! I'm looking forward to seeing all of my friends and family, playing some games, celebrating Jack's arrival, snacking on some yummy food, and getting the final things for Jack so we can completely put together his nursery and everything else. My awesome mother in law is throwing this together for me, and I know she's been excitedly planning it for at least the last three months! It's all too exciting.
Even more good news: Kyle and I are seeing Bob Dylan this Sunday night! Woohoo!
Pictures and an update will be posted following this great weekend... 

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