Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Shower

I was waiting for the baby shower to happen for so long it feels like. I was getting so impatient because all I wanted to do was get things set up and ready to go for Jack, but I couldn't until the baby shower happened. Also, I was just really looking forward to the day overall. Usually when you anticipate something so much, you tend to let yourself down because you over-excited the idea than what the reality is. That was certainly not the case for the shower! It was perfect! My mom, sister, brother, and nephew all drove up here, which was great. The shower was filled with all of the people that not only care about me, but also all of the people who already love Jack so much. I couldn't believe how it all made me feel even more excited for our little guy's arrival. I've been excited for plenty of milestones and other important things in my life like getting my drivers license, going on a vacation somewhere, graduating high school, getting married.....and those things are nothing compared to the excitement and anticipation I feel for Jack. [That's not a burn to Kyle by the way! lol It's just a different excitement that is hard to compare with...I think he understands what I mean] Anyways, Deedee really went out of her way to make this special, and you could certainly tell by the love and time she put into the details in everything. She's such a thoughtful and giving women. Jack and I are lucky to have such loving people in our family.
 Thankfully the shower was on Saturday instead of Sunday because it gave me the rest of the weekend to unwrap the many items from their packaging, put them away, assemble and wash them, and organize it all. By Sunday night, Kyle and I were heading to see Bob Dylan perform at UCF, and I was dead tired. It felt like I was moving all weekend into a place that was up 10 flights up stairs. I was utterly exhausted. There was no stopping me though! If I wasn't productively doing something involving Jack, then I wasn't thinking about it. The nursery isn't completely finished, but it's getting closer and closer to becoming officially ready for his arrival. Kyle keeps reminding me, "He's not getting here tomorrow!".  Kyle is certainly a good balance for me to keep me a little grounded and not think so irrationally. [For example: We went to Babys R us this weekend to look for a glider. The design we wanted came in two colors. The color that matches Jack's room would have to be ordered so we would have to wait a few weeks to bring it home. The other one, that would not match at all, was in stock and we could bring it home that day. Overly-excited Jill wouldn't think rationally, and wanted instant gratification. I would've been kicking myself in the butt if we would've came home with  that chair rather than waiting. Anyways, the moral of the story was Kyle talked me out of it, so we were saved from my crazy pregnancy drama...]
Also, today was our Baby Care class, which went well. We were the only ones in the class, so it was like a one-on-one tutoring session with the instructor for 2 and a half hours. We learned how to swaddle the baby, all about bathing, diaper changing, soothing a crying baby, sleep patterns, etc. Very helpful information that you can't hear enough to relax a new parent. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and down right freaked out about this whole "being a parent" thing the other week....but now, to be completely honest, I have a satisfying feeling that all things will be more than okay and that Kyle and I will be really great parents. I finally convinced myself of this, and it's a really great feeling. Don't get me wrong, I will still be a little nervous and have moments of terror, but as a whole, I know that it will all be okay, and I couldn't be happier!

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