Monday, October 4, 2010

3rd Trimester Aches & Pains

I certainly feel thankful for how smooth this pregnancy has gone thus far, but it seems like right when I hit 8 months at 32 weeks all of the bad pregnancy symptoms began. Awful backache around my tailbone, headaches, tremendous weight gain, gas and bloating, and I can feel each night's rest being more and more compromised with my comfort level decreasing. My mom reminded me that these are all things that are at least common, normal, and expected with each woman's pregnancy and it's just the natural way for our bodies to prepare for the big day! I just keep reminding myself that.

Today we had another visit with the doctor for my regular check up. This time it was a very brief meeting. We did however get good news that we can get another ultrasound to see how Jack is doing! A few of the other doctors we asked told us that they typically only do another sonogram toward the end if they foresee any issues. Since we saw a new doctor today, I thought, what the heck, I might as well ask and see if we can get another one! Thankfully I did! So on my birthday, on the 27th we will be catching another glimpse at little baby Jack :) What a great birthday gift!

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