Monday, October 18, 2010

Maginificent Monday

It's Monday, and I am feeling great! The nursery is pretty much complete, Kyle and I went to our final birthing class today, and also had a good doctors appointment this afternoon. Things are going beautifully for us in so many regards. I can't stop thinking about just how grateful we are.
This weekend we were able to pick up the glider from Babies R us. We also grabbed a few other smaller items, like an extra bassinet sheet, a cute monkey picture for the nursery, etc. It was just a little funny when we went to check out, we had to ring up each item separately in order to receive the 20% off on each thing [the people behind us didn't think it was that funny]. Then on Saturday evening we went to Kyle's niece's 10th birthday at ChuckECheese. I learned something that day...I don't want Jack to find out about that place lol. The million kids running everywhere certainly made me a little worried about how things will be with kids, but that's just kids at their extreme...[hopefully!]. The rest of the weekend we spent the time finishing up things in the nursery, re-arranging furniture (yet again), organizing things, etc. It looks SO good! Here are some photos:


The last birthing class today was all about breastfeeding. It was only Kyle and I in the class with the instructor, so we had a little private session again, which was kind of nice. She gave us a ton of freebies, like a giant bag of diapers, some nipple cream, sterilizing bags, etc. These things were great to get, because who doesn't love free stuff [I'm a junkie for it], but really the best gift was everything we learned in those classes. Much was common sense or things we already picked up from books, magazines, and people we know, but it still didn't hurt hearing about it all again, getting to ask any questions we may have, and just fill us up with a little more confidence to help reduce any anxiety. The classes themselves were free too --so I wouldn't have turned them down anyways ;)
After that, we ate some yummy lunch at Jason's Deli, then headed over to our doctor's appointment with Dr. Szurkus. It was the first time we met him. He's a middle-aged white doctor who was super friendly. He mentioned I had some protein in my urine. I've had other doctor's tell me this before, they've always checked it out, and it's never been any cause for concern. Then Dr. Szurkus tells me that I'm one of the healthiest patients they have there! That boosted my self confidence :) I won't get sick of hearing that while I can! We are due back for our next appointment in 11 days. Then will begin our weekly visits!
Looking forward to the future, but couldn't be happier with what's in the present.

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