Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turning 24

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday, and it was absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better celebration of my life. I was surrounded by people who love me, showered with flowers and gifts, ate some delicious food, and was lucky enough to see my little guy. I felt so special. My happiness and gratefulness is out of this world and I am enjoying every single moment of it.
First off, Kyle and I woke up around 4:30am because we could not sleep. I think we were both a little anxious about the day to come. We laid awake for about an hour just talking about anything and everything. After coming up with a plan about waking  up and starting the day, we both ended up falling back asleep. Good thing we did because we needed the energy for the day to come. Once we finally woke up, Kyle led me out to the living room where he had Birthday balloons and decorations hanging up with a pile of presents sitting on the coffee table. I felt like I was 6 again. My eyes lit up. It was my birthday! Kyle was just as excited as I was. Since I had my heart set on some Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagel, we rushed out the door to pick some up and hurry back home to open up the presents. I read through some handmade cards from Kyle's nieces and nephews, which were adorable. It made me so excited to think about how I will be getting these from Jack in the future. I also got a beautiful jewelry box, earrings, a new iPod nano with my name engraved on it, an iTunes gift card from my sister in law Tara, and a really cute sweater that Kyle picked out for me to wear (non-maternity, wahoo!). Even though I wanted to start "playing" with all of my gifts, we had to get ready for the day. Kyle's mom came over and brought another big gift for me to unwrap, which was a huge portable scrap booking carrier with a lot of little scrap booking stickers and more inside [just what I need to start my pregnancy scrap book today!]. We headed out the door...onto my next birthday present....
This of course, was one of the best parts of the whole day. We went to Winnie Palmer to get another ultrasound of Jack. The technician didn't really tell us much about him except that he was for sure head down now and he weighs somewhere around 6lbs already! Whew! That certainly made it more real, like the clock is ticking...and it's just a matter of time before he will be making his big debut. When I first heard his weight, I thought that meant I'm going to have a huge baby and the labor is going to be a real b*tch, but the more I thought about it, I couldn't be feeling better about it. He is at a healthy weight and if for whatever reason he was born early, he would be at a better weight to greet the world with...more sturdy perhaps. I'm really looking forward to the doctor's appointment tomorrow because they will be able to review the sonogram and everything else with me. Also, my weekly appointments will begin! One of the cutest parts was when Jack grabbed his little feet with his little hand. Seeing his hand, with his chubby little formed was so sweet. That was my son's hand. I couldn't help but tear up. This is so amazing, and I can't wait to have that hand in mine.
After the ultrasound the three of us went out to lunch at Spice, which is downtown right by Lake Eola. We ate some delicious food outside and gabbed all about Jack. It was nice. I had to be back for work by 1:45PM (since they wouldn't give me the day off). It was easy and slow at work so I was able to post my pictures of the sonogram and reply to the thousand Birthday wishes on Facebook. I then had a meeting with my manager all about my maternity leave. It was good to get that all organized and figured out so I'm not stressing about it once Jack is here. Ultimately I'm getting 6-8 weeks paid time off, but a total of 12 weeks off work excused. At 5pm Kyle came home from work, and rang the door bell. I opened up the door and he was standing there with a dozen red roses and a Birthday cake for me! How incredibly sweet!! For things to only get better, my manager gave me the rest of the day off. I was jumping up and down...this day was too wonderful!
As we were getting ready to go out for a nice romantic birthday dinner, the doorbell rang a few times. I got a delivery of roses, chocolates, and a little teddy bear from my Mom. Then, was another delivery of a gorgeous flower basket from Denise and my Dad. Our house is now filled with fresh flowers....I love it! We ended up going to the Melting Pot for dinner since I've had my heart set on that for a while (plus I had a coupon for a free chocolate fondue dessert!) The servers took their time, and since it's fondue, it was about 3 hours for us to get through dinner. It was really great though. Kyle and I were laughing, having great conversation, and enjoying the awesome food while not being rushed. There couldn't have been a nicer end to the day.
I have to say, that I cannot forget just how amazing it is to be married to Kyle. With all of the attention being around Jack and the pregnancy, I need to be clear that it hasn't taken away any of the attention from our "newlywed state". Certainly one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life was to spend the rest of it with him by my side. He makes me feel so loved, so beautiful, so happy, and so so lucky. One of the greatest things about Jack is that he is a bit of me and a bit of this wonderful guy I married. With this combination, Jack is surely going to be one cool dude :)


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