Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Jack's official 2nd Christmas. It turned out to be really great. We were able to drive down to visit the family there, even see Brendan! We only had Christmas Eve to make our rounds on Marco, Naples, and Alva, but we managed to see everyone and celebrate the season. We made it back home just in time to get a good night's rest, have Santa come, and then wake up Christmas morning completely refreshed and in our own home. 

Present opening was much more fun this year because Jack was actually capable [somewhat] of opening his gifts. It will just get better and better each year! He of course got way too many toys. We are running out of room for them all, and he's only one. I'm keeping some in the package and will use them later on..[shhh, don't tell Jack].

After a nice relaxing morning at home together, we all went to church and then out to breakfast with Mema and Pepa. Later we met up with everyone on Kyle's side of the family for a great dinner, and even more present opening.

The weekend flew by faster than frosty would melt in Orlando, FL, but it was a memorable one to say the least. 

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