Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

 December last year was amazing, simply for Jack's arrival. Beyond that, it was kind of a let down because we weren't able to enjoy the holiday while having a newborn baby in the house. I had all of the gifts/cookies/decorations/etc done well before Thanksgiving, so it didn't really feel like Christmas in December 2010.

This year is different. Jack is grown up, we are settled in nicely as a family and totally ready to enjoy the holiday season. First was our visit to Santa at the mall so Jack and him could be formally introduced. Then, we went to the Downtown Orlando tree lighting ceremony at Lake Eola. Maybe that could be a tradition we do as a family every year? The tree wasn't that great, but it was still something nice to "kick off" the holiday.

The Christmas decorations were up in our house before Jack's birthday party (after Thanksgiving of course!) We thought Jack was going to be a little monster with everything up in the house, pulling down tinsel, eating bows, unwrapping gifts, breaking bulbs...but he did none of these things. We really should have gave the kid more credit. He's been awesome. I think it's because he's a December baby like his Daddy, so he respects the holiday too much to be a nuisance.

When I was younger, my Mom and I would always bake and decorate the infamous Christmas sugar cookies. I continued to keep that tradition going even without a family of my own. I will always be sure to do this every single year. I can't wait until Jack is older so he can help me's a lot of hard work! We did give Jack a little bit to eat, and he is definitely a fan of them.

We also went to a Christmas festival in Lake Nona, that was kind of lame...but could be more fun once Jack is a little older. [I hate to keep saying that, because I don't want it to sound like I'm wishing for him to hurry up and grow up...] We also did a Christmas Brunch at Kyle's parents house where we enjoyed some awesome food, exchanged our Secret Santa presents, and enjoyed one another's company. It was a great time.

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