Friday, December 2, 2011

Goodbye Baby

Today will be the last day Jack will be a baby. Tomorrow he turns one. The kid might as well be graduating from high school and moving off to college. Maybe I am being a bit over dramatic...but it's still sad. Of course, it's a joyous thing to celebrate. I am so proud of Kyle and I making it through this crazy year as parents. I think we did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself! It was certainly tough at times, but it was worth every single poopy, tiring, whiney, scary, messy, stinky, crying, and frustrating moment. Jack is the coolest little guy and I love him more than any amount of  big and fancy words could say. He is my perfect little son..and I will love him for everything that he is...always..

Tomorrow will be a big day preparing for his party, having everyone over at our house, and celebrating this mind-blowing date (seriously, how does time move this fast when you have kids!?).

Until then, I will be sure to coddle my sweet little baby boy all day long...

*Of course he will always be my baby..

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