Monday, October 17, 2011

The Zoo

Ever since Jack first took notice to Lola and Liam around him, I have been dying to bring him to the zoo. We were waiting for the weather to get cooler out first. This weekend was supposed to be only in the 80s, so we thought that would be good, but it was still hotter than hell.
Regardless of the temperature, it was still a really fun time.

We had everyone on Kyle's side of the family come with, instead of his mom (she was out of town). There was 19 of us total [8 adults and 11 kids]. It was quite a group! We saw snakes, monkeys, cheetahs, cougars, kangaroos, llamas, fed goats and turkeys, and all sorts of other stuff. It was a good trip. I'd like to visit a place that had a little more animals...and if I am going to be picky, have it also be about 15 degrees cooler out. Regardless, it was a great time.


Although, this zoo did have a water park area, zip lines through the trees, laser tag, a playground, and train that we may have to try out again when Jack is a little bigger!

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