Friday, April 15, 2011


Around 9 o'clock I get off of work and we prepare Jack for bed. We retreat to his nursery, turn the lights low, play his lullaby music, and I feed him in the rocker. After he eats, I will continue to rock him until his body turns to jell-o and his eyes are sealed tight. Then I slowly get up, give him a gentle kiss on his forehead and lay him down in his crib. He will usually open his eyes once his body hits the mattress, but will close them right back up and go back to his baby dreaming.

Doesn't that sound lovely?

It sure sounds good to me. Well...he must have had too many naps yesterday because this butthead did not want to sleep last night. I was up until 2am with him. It was not fun.
I guess we have to go through these unpleasant experiences every once in a while in order for us to stay grounded and remember that Jack's still an unpredictable little baby, no matter how perfect we name him to be.

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