Monday, April 18, 2011

Enjoying April

As always, the weekends slip by faster than ever.

Friday night Jack fell asleep in his swing around 7:30pm. I worked until 9pm as I usually do, but felt so tired afterward. Kyle and I were thinking about getting out of the house to go grab some ice cream. As I went into our room to get changed to go out, I laid down in our bed for a second...which then turned into me just falling asleep. I guess Jack was just as dead tired as I was because that kid slept all the way until 7:30 in the morning! Yeah, that's 12 hours. We both woke up on Saturday feeling so good. Since we didn't get any ice cream last night, we figured we could maybe splurge for breakfast somewhere. We headed out to our favorite place, Julie's Waterfront. The weather outside was perfect, sitting outside by the water with a nice breeze and the scent of the blooming lilac bushes around us. It was wonderful. I could have sat there all day.

Are those lilacs I smell?
We headed back home and I was able to get some housework done, Kyle and Jack watched a Red Sox game, and I laid out in the sun for a bit. Later, Aunt Tara and Uncle Shands came over to visit, which is always nice.

Jack sitting on his cousin Liam
Dinner time was approaching and I was not feeling up to cooking. We decided to use our Longhorn's gift card and coupons we had to get ourselves one more good meal out for the day. Unfortunately Jack wasn't as well mannered as he was earlier that morning. He was minding his own business, and being a good boy right up until they dropped off our food at our table. Go figure. Daddy took Jack and let me eat my filet. We went home, gave Stinky Butt a bath, put him to bed, and Kyle and I watched the movie Life as we Know it curled up on the couch.

Horribly depressing movie to watch when you have a 4mo. old
 Sunday morning Jack and I let Kyle sleep in a bit. Then we all got ready to go out to the Home & Garden convention in Orlando with Mema, Pepa, Aunt Tara & Uncle Shands. I was really excited to go and get some ideas and maybe score some freebies for our home and garden, but wasn't very successful. I get more ideas and freebies from my casual web browsing. Later, we all went to Bahama Breeze for a nice lunch...that is, until right when our food was dropped off on our table Jack realized it was time to squirm and fuss. Looks like it was Mommy's turn to let her food get cold. Hopefully this doesn't get to be a recurring trend for the little fella.

Kyle holding Mr. Fussybutt at Bahama Breeze
 When we got back home Jack and I decided we were a little sleepy, so we took advantage of it being the day of rest and caught a nap in our bed together. [I love him being this age now because I can comfortably sleep next to him without feeling paranoid that I'm going to roll over on him or that the blankets or pillows will suffocate him or something.] Like his dad, Jack is a good snuggler..

Jack waking up in his little wife-beater a.k.a Marina
Once we opened our eyes, it was about 7PM, so we still had some time left to enjoy the precious weekend. We decided to head downtown to grab a light dinner at Panera Bread and enjoy a walk around Lake Eola at sunset. It was a perfect end to a great weekend.

Beautiful Lake Eola and downtown Orlando
At least Jack and I got plenty of rest this weekend to charge us up for the week ahead...

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