Monday, March 14, 2011

New Things*

To add on to my previous post about "new things" I stupidly left out some of the "new things" happening with Jack. How selfish of me. Jack, of course being my first child, is surprising me everyday with all of the new things he's learning and how fast he's adapting and growing. It's so fascinating. Hands down one of the most fascinating things I've encountered in my life so far [and I thought cheese in a can was pretty cool].

He started out just barely having his eyes open, to then being more aware to his surroundings, to then making some coos, to then being able to somewhat support his own head, to then being able to smile, to then being able to roll over, to then focusing his busy eyes on everything around him, to then being able to hold something in his hand, to then being able to laugh, to then sucking on his hands and thumb, to now being so entertained by his stinky feet dangling in front of his face. He will do a mini crunch, working out his baby abs, and tug on his feet in the air. I swear he's counting his toes. He's that smart people.

Just being able to witness his growth feels like I am witnessing a miracle happening. It's different when it's your own flesh and blood who is under your care 100%.  Sure, being a first time parent is scary as hell sometimes, but being a part of a such a miracle makes every single second of my life feel absolutely extraordinary.  

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