Friday, February 18, 2011

Normal for 11 Weeks

Recently Jack seemed to be a little more "reckless"...not sticking to his same routine that he has been adhering to for a while. He will still sleep a good 7 or 8 hours through the night [so I really can't complain], but once he wakes up, he'll want to eat every 2 hours, gets super fussy unless we are performing a song or dance for him, would rather be held than in his swing, and fights falling asleep [unless he is up against a full belly]. Could it be a growth spurt? Maybe. I also just received an email today that gives updates on Jack's development based on his age. This week it said:


how they grow

Babies are doing a lot of developing this week, and they may be fussy, clingy and shy. The good news is that most will go through a calm spell in about two weeks.
Babies at this stage are fascinated by their hands and, researchers have found, may spend two-thirds of their waking time playing with them.
When he’s sitting with support, your baby is starting to hold his head steady; he may also be able to do mini push-ups when he’s on his tummy.

Seems to me like he is doing fine, and all of this behavior is absolutely normal and expected. I can deal with it much easier knowing this. Plus it's nice to look forward to that "calm spell" that should be approaching! Also, just as the email indicated, Jack has been obsessed with his hands lately. He looks all cross-eyed at them [since they are so close to his face] and just marvels at them. Jack has always had great head control since he was brought home from the hospital. When we hold him upright, he can control his head like a pro. He actually prefers to be held upright like a "big boy" rather then cradled like a baby. We also tried out the Bumbo infant seat, and he can sit in that good too. However, he hasn't done any baby push-ups yet. While on his tummy, he will hold himself up, but only if I prop him up on his arms. That's okay though...mommy hates doing push-ups too!

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