Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lita, V-Day, and Smiles

It is no wonder that Jack has so many admirers. He is by far, hands down, the most adorable little guy around. I know that just about every parent out there believes the exact same thing about their own children, but I think Jack is just a little more perfect than everyone else [lol]. Needless to say, we get quite a few people popping over to witness Jack's unbelievable cute-ness. Just this past weekend my mom and Enzo drove up to Orlando. They haven't seen Jack since he was brought home from the hospital. I know that my mom has been going crazy not being closer to us. It hasn't been easy at all for me not having my mom here either, but at least we are still only a 4 hour drive could be a lot worse. It just means that we have to appreciate the time we do have with one another even more [stay optimistic!]. The weekend was really great though. We mostly just relaxed at home, smiling with Jack, playing catch up, and enjoyed some delicious food prepared by Enzo. My mom also got to help me give little Jack a bath [the pipsqueak peed on us 3 times!].

This week was also Valentine's Day. It was the first one that Kyle and I had together as husband and wife, so it was automatically special. We spent the day apart since he was working and I was home with Jack; but we managed to keep one another close with plenty of text messages and phone calls. The doorbell rang, and the FedEX man delivered some chocolates and roses. Kyle got home and we spent the time together and with Jack (since he is never far!) We talked over the beautiful dinner that Kyle prepared---yes people, he cooked dinner, and it really was awesome! While eating, I said  "it's funny to think about 10 years from now on Valentine's Day and we will recall back to this very first one as husband and wife, with little Jack calmly observing us eat from his little lamb seat...I wonder how things will be then?". All in all, it was a great day spent appreciating one another, our family, and our love.

There are an infinite number of reasons why Jack is so incredible, but one of my personal favorites would be how powerful his little smiles are. No matter what bad news you just received, how much weight rests on your shoulders, how exhausted or stressed you may feel, you can forget all of these ailments within a flash simply by locking eyes with Jack and seeing a smile stretch out across his precious baby face. He's been smiling so much lately, I can't get enough of it. I can only hope that our little guy will keep on smiling throughout the rest of his long life.


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