Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Birth of the Blog at 28 Weeks

Since I graduated high school in 2004, you could assume that I grew up in the technology time era, and I should have had my share of blogs. That isn't quite the case, as this blog is the first one I've started since I was 14 and last writing about how hard my teenage life was and how wonderful Sublime and the Deftones were. I started this blog for the same reason most people do. I wanted an outlet for all of the billions of thoughts, events, feelings, and changes going on so drastically in my life since finding out I was pregnant.

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant, which marks lucky number 7 [months] and the beginning of my third trimester. Wahoo! It feels like a special day! I can't get over how fast the past 7 months feel, but at the same time seem to have taken forever. One thing I do know now is that 9 months is the perfect amount of time for a women to be pregnant. It's just long enough to become emotionally, physically, and environmentally ready. At the same time, any longer than 9 months I think I would be banging my head against the wall! Anyways, since this is the mark of a new month, I took my customary Blue Shirt Belly Photo. You can see my progression from the past 4 months...
 I clearly remember how I felt when each of these pictures were taken. I remember thinking after each one, "God, I feel and look so fat!". My husband would keep reminding me, "Shut the hell up! You're pregnant and you look gorgeous!". Now that I actually am pretty huge, and have gained 25lbs, I can look back at my 4, 5, and even 6 month pictures and I see what he was saying...and I think that I was looking kind of gorgeous...and I don't look fat. Does that mean it just took me a while to get used to my physical changes or it had to take me getting really huge before I could appreciate what I looked like before?! I am thinking to myself as I write this: You sound like a girl who has too many issues with her body image and needs to let it go...and fast...because you have a baby coming into this world that you need to worry more about than you ever have before about yourself.

Enough about that!

I'm laying in bed on my left side now, watching Mrs. Doubtfire, while Kyle is fast asleep. I'm hoping that I have a better night of sleep tonight than I did last night. I was up at 4am and in the kitchen to get a drink of water, which then turned into me chowing down on a couple of Fig Newtons. After that I tried falling back asleep, but was not very successful. I was tossing from my left to my right side and back for the next hour or two. No more Fig Newtons...


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