Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 411 on Contractions

We recently attended Birthing Class #2. First off, let me say that this class was much easier to stay awake in then the first one we went to. This week's class was all about the process of labor and birth. It answered a few questions for Kyle and I and gave me some new knowledge (something the first class failed to do).
One thing I was a little confused about before were contractions. I wasn't sure what they'd feel like, when I can start to expect them to happen, how long they'll last, at what point do I grab my bag and head for the hospital, etc. In a nutshell, I can now expect to experience pre-labor contractions, which is basically nature's way of preparing my body for the real deal. They are described to kind of feel like period pains, lasting only around 15-45 seconds, and are irregular (meaning they don't have any pattern). Walking can usually help ease them. On the other hand, true labor contractions usually last longer (up to a minute), get progressively stronger, closer together, and walking only makes them worse.

As we left the class, I asked Kyle, "So what did you learn today?" (as if I was a mother to an 8 year old). He said, "The 5-1-1 rule". Yay! He was paying attention! The 5-1-1 rule basically means it's time to get this show on the road...we are going to the hospital! If my contractions are 5 minutes apart, are 1 minute long, and last for 1 hour, then it's GO TIME. 

Right now this all seems like it's still quite a ways away. That's okay though, I feel as though I need to learn a few more things, figure out exactly where I stand with this whole pain-relief conflict, finish up the nursery, and well, let Jack develop some more!

One a side note: I watched Juno last night, and it had me completely balling at the end. I've seen that movie a bunch of times before, but I guess when you add in the fact that I'm pregnant, it's more personable. Well, plus I'm hormonal as hell, so that has an effect too! I haven't cried while watching a commercial yet (which I've heard some pregnant women do), so I don't think I'm that big of a baby..

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