Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn in the Mitten

I absolutely LOVE fall. However, it's sometimes difficult to enjoy the season for what it is when you are located in Florida. It doesn't get "brown" here until January, once Christmas is over with. Anyways, I have been DYING to meet my new little baby niece Adara, visit with the rest of my family, and utilize Jack's whole "fly for free" thing while we still can. It was quite an adventure flying up there and back by myself and not having Kyle's assistance. We managed to get through it with the help of my trusty iPhone, books, snacks, crayons, and any other random objects that could distract him. I'm just thankful it was only a few hours long. 

Once we arrived, the weather was unbelievably perfect and the trees were all beginning to show their wonderful colors. Jack dived right into the trip by running around, playing ball, and helping me collect leaves. We spent our time with our family, had dinner at the VFW for a traditional fish fry, got some "baby snuggling" time in, and went to the BEST cider mill where we ran through a corn maze, raced manual go-karts, played on a wooden train playground, ate the most deliciously warm homemade donuts, and went on a good ol' hay ride out to a pumpkin patch.

It was a fantastic trip, that of course flew by too fast. I will be sure to keep reminding Jack of this trip so he can remember it for years to come....or at least until we go back and do it again :)

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