Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Cont...

Disney has an awesome deal right now for Florida residents so we decided to take advantage of it while we could. I've been dying to bring Jack to Disney. We ended up going to Epcot (which was the first time for me that I can recall) and met up with Jack's Mema and Pepa as well. We had a good time walking around the park, enjoying the beautiful weather, and trying not to get caught up in the crowds of people. We ate at the Morocon restaurant where Jack got to watch the belly dancers and enjoy some shishkabobs. The only ride we ended up bringing Jack on was this creepy boat ride, that I'm pretty sure will haunt Jack for the rest of his life. Regardless, it was a pretty great day that ended with some ice-cream and perfect Disney fireworks. We had a big tree in the way of our view, but we still got to see some of them! This was the longest that Jack had stayed awake in a really long time. He was completely beat when we left, falling asleep on the drive back home. Times like these make me appreciate the fact that we live in Orlando. 

The next morning we woke up with the intent to go to the beach to give Jack another chance to run around and play in the sand. It took more time packing up all of the stuff than it did for us to actually enjoy the beach once we got there. Even though it was a Monday morning, it was insanely crowded. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather though. Jack on the other hand didn't seem to enjoy the beach as much as he did when we were on Marco.

On the last day of all of our Spring Breaks we went to the Farmers Market downtown. We ate some kettle corn, fresh squeezed lemonade, and sampled all of the breads and treats we could get our frugal hands on. We fed some honey nut cheerios to the birds and swans to give Jack a show. I scored a bad of fresh produce for under $4. After, we hung out under the big shady trees to let the boy run around and put our feet up to be lazy on the beautiful Sunday. 

I am certainly looking for the days in the summer time where we can do these things more's just too bad it will be 130 degrees outside...

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