Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jack's First Haircut

So we have attempted to trim his hair up a few times around his ears and in the back (to avoid a bad baby mullet). Each time always ended up in a terribly crooked mom hair cut. We were waiting until it was longer before we subjected him to the hair salon. We soon realized that day was here, so we took him to the local Super Cuts next to the Publix. We brought plenty of ammunition with us to keep him still. He did really great. He ate some cookies, played with Mommy's phone (I know, BAD), read a book, and constantly checked himself out in the mirror as the woman was spraying his head down with the water bottle and trimming his soft baby hair. He was so good she was even able to use the buzz trimmer too!

 I miss my wild and crazy boy's hair, but I love his refined big boy look. He seems to be acting more serious now that he has this sophisticated look.

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