Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jack's Winter ONEderland

Jack's party turned out to be perfect. All of my planning and preparing leading up to it was starting to make me go crazy, but everything went great. I had my brother helping me do the decorations and my sister helped me with the food. Kyle did all of the last minute things like picking up the cake, ice, balloons, etc. The house looked awesome. We had snowflakes hanging all over the house, twinkle lights, balloons, bright blue and silver tinsel, snowflake cling-ons for the door wall, a giant banner that read "Jack's ONEderland", and all of our regular Christmas decorations. Also, we had a picture slideshow running on our TV of Jack's first year.

Jack was still taking his nap when most of the guests started to arrive, but it was alright because he got some rest and wasn't cranky for the party.

Once everyone arrived around 3:00, we all mingled and snacked on some food (BBQ meatballs, pretzels, chips, meat, cheese, and crackers tray, cream cheese roll ups, pigs in a blanket, cake balls, and cupcakes). Once the birthday boy woke up, we got him dressed and everyone was so happy to see him. He was such a happy little Birthday Boy. He loved all of the attention.
We then did the cake, sang "Happy Birthday" [thankfully I didn't cry] and blew out his giant #1 candle on his cake. I envisioned he would just start going crazy with the cake, but he didn't really know what to do, so I took the initiative and shoved his hand in the cake. He began to cry.
Oops. Sorry Jack.

Then I took a finger of icing and fed it to him...once that sugar touched his lips, there was no turning back. He was hooked.

He started taking little bites of the cake, one finger pinch at a time. It was the most mesmerizing thing. Everyone just stood there, for what seemed like an hour, to just watching him eat his cake piece by piece.

Once we braved up to take the cake away from him, we pulled him off to wash all of the frosting off of his hands, face, hair..etc. Then, it was presents time! We had a giant present table which looked like Santa already came. He was pretty interested in them at first, but kept getting distracted away from them. He got some really cool toys like a wagon, a new leather chair, some Vtech toys, a lot of books, Elmo, legos, clothes, a firetruck, sports center, ride on bouncy toy, cell phone, etc. He made out like a bandit. I can't wait to put them together and start playing with them....I mean, have Jack play with them...

Overall, it was a really great day, that of course flew by. I sent the guests home with a party favor bag that included some Winter Fresh gum, mints, and a glass ornament filled with clue sequins, with the writing "Jack's Winter ONEderland" on it.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, most of the food was eaten, the decorations were beautiful, and most of all--all of the people that love Jack were there to wish him a Happy Birthday, and he couldn't have been happier.

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  1. Super cute! And I am majorly impressed that you were able to keep a party hat on his head!!!