Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

It finally felt like summertime this weekend. I'm not talking about the weather (it's been disgustingly hot and humid since February), but the actual feeling of Summer hit. Since the Fourth of July landed on a Monday this year, that meant a glorious 3-day weekend. We packed up the car with every piece of baby essentials we could fit, along with Lola and her belongings, and headed down to Marco Island first thing on Saturday morning. The drive down was awesome. Jack pretty much slept the entire time, we hit no traffic, and the weather was decent. We ended up stopping just once to walk Lola and feed the boy. He was a trooper. We arrived on the island around 1pm. My mom biked over to the house we were staying at to give us the keys and  give Jack a big squeeze [that almost rhymes]. The house was incredible. It was on the water with a nice pool, large patio, amazing kitchen, open and bright windows...etc. It was perfect for us to stay in because we were able to relax out by the pool while Jack needed his naps inside and not be far away. The house is certainly large enough to bring some people down with us the next time too, which would be a lot of fun.

We spent the weekend mainly out by the pool, spending time with my mom, taking walks around my old hood, enjoying a visit from my Dad and Denise, watching the sunset on the beach, cooking up some delicious food in our wonderful kitchen, and having a ball with Jack. It was a relaxing time that we all definitely needed.

It was the first time Jack ever went swimming in the pool, and he loved it!

For the past 3 years Kyle and I have gone to Marco Island for the Fourth of July. It's been a treat to see the fireworks along the beach. It was so much fun having Jack with us for it all. He liked the bright lights flashing, watching the other kids running around, getting sand in between his toes, and staying up late.

Who knows...maybe this will be a regular Johnson tradition for every Fourth of July?

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