Friday, April 8, 2011

Sick Kid

What's worse than having a sick kid? My brother in law Wayne said, "5 sick kids". Touche.

Jack got his 4mo. immunizations on Tuesday. The next day the poor kid had a fever. Even though this was a common thing to happen after getting shots, it didn't really make me feel better to know that Jack wasn't feeling well. My heart was pounding and my spidey mommy senses starting tingling. I did all that I could to try and make Jack feel more comfortable. Kyle and I gave him a bath to cool him off, made sure he got plenty to eat, and did some extreme coddling. The next day, he woke up and was feeling like his normal self again. Unfortunately this good news was short lived. This morning I woke up to Jack coughing...but not normal was coughing with a lot of congestion. I scooped up the boy, with boogers and snot dangling from his little face. My hand pressed against his forehead and he felt cool, so no fever [thank God!]. I called the pediatrician's office, explained the happs, and they said it was just a cold and nothing to worry about since he doesn't have a fever. She instructed me to get some saline drops to help clear up his nose, keep his head elevated when he rests, and be watchful for a sneaky fever.

I just can't get over how emotional having a baby is. My heart has relocated to my sleeve, and that is wear it will remain for the rest of my life. The amount of love and concern I have over this little boy is something that is so powerful and unique. [I totally understand now why Harry Potter was able to defeat Lord Voldemort when he was just a baby] hahah, I couldn't resist...
But seriously, whenever my son is not well, you will bet your bottom dollar I will do all that I can to change that. What's even better? Knowing that Kyle feels the exact same way.

Get well soon Jack..

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