Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jack is a Butthead

Play with me, or else...
My "heaven on earth" attitude toward being a mom and having Jack in our lives isn't meant to make you believe that everything is completely flawless. I love my life, for sure...but I am not in denial. I'll always say that Jack is the most perfect baby in the world until I am blue in face, but just because he is perfect doesn't mean he can't drive mommy up the wall sometimes. The little booger is growing up now and he would much rather be awake and learning about everything around him than just sleep all day like when he was a newborn. I love that he is more aware, constantly taking in his surroundings, and able to interact with me...BUT he's got two little "problems" now:
  1. He wants to be awake to keep playing and observe everything around him so much that he fights falling asleep, which makes for a cranky Jack.
  2. Jack likes play time when mommy and daddy sing, read, talk, and dance with him so much that he turns into a butthead if he isn't getting the same performance from us all the time.
Maybe we could start doing a "set" nap-time to help him with the first problem...maybe.

For the second thing though, it's not like we spoil him with our time. He does play with himself a lot, and he has his toys that entertain him, but when it comes down to it, Kyle and I just put on a great show. I mean would you rather do a crossword puzzle out of the newspaper or be a contestant on the Price is Right for some entertainment? Hmm...maybe we should lower the quality of our performances then from the Price is Right to be more like The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on PBS.

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