Friday, March 25, 2011

Parenting Mistake #42

Jack is teething...I think.

He drools constantly. Tries to chew on everything. Has his cranky moments. The only thing not happening is actual baby teeth popping out yet.

Everyone kept telling me, "give him a frozen washcloth. That's what my baby loved the most."  Sure, I'll try it. I took a washcloth, rinsed it, wrung it out, folded it up onto a plate and popped it in the freezer. An hour later, I handed it over to the kid. He was just staring at me while trying to hold onto this freezing, rock hard cloth.

He did not look like he was enjoying it at all. He did however look like he was starting to freeze himself while holding onto it.
I was only supposed to wet and freeze a small corner of the washcloth....

Sorry buddy...

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