Monday, March 21, 2011

Jack's First Vacation

Originally we were supposed to take a weekend trip with Jack down to South Florida a week earlier to catch a Red Sox spring training game, but that had to be canceled due to work obligations. Aren't we responsible? We wanted to still come down there to see everyone, so we decided to make the long road trip there, even if it would be just for one night.

It typically takes about 4 hours from Orlando to Naples [3 1/2 if you're making good time]. This weekend, it took us about 5 1/2 hours to get down there. Every few hours we'd have to stop to feed and change Jack. I thought the kid was going to just sleep the whole way down, but I guess he wanted to really experience the "road trip" aspect. 
"Where are you taking me?"
Once we arrived, we headed straight to my mom's house on the island. My sister and her boyfriend [who we finally got to meet] were there waiting for us. We hung out under the shade by her pool playing with Jack and catching up on things before Dawn had to head into work.

She was so happy to hold her grandson again
Later, we headed to the condo we were staying at to un-load the car. It took us Kyle about 3 trips up and down just to empty out all of Jack's crap in the car. It was kind of annoying to travel with so much stuff, but we kept saying "it's better to have more than we need, then not enough". 
We chilled out for a bit, took care of the baby, got our showers, and met up with my brother and mom downstairs to walk across the beach for sunset. I had Jack wrapped up in the Moby with me, so his first trip to the beach he didn't really "experience" it. Next time we'll let the guy out and get his stinky feet in the sand and salty ocean.
Uncle Steven, Mommy & Jack, and Lita
Afterward, we went and had a great dinner at a Mexican restaurant where Dawn works. We commented on all of the lovely spring breakers and NFL players present, talked with one another, and tried to enjoy the time that was ticking away. It was getting late and we had to get Jack back to the condo for bed.  I was a little worried about how he would handle his first night away from home, but he did awesome. Kyle rocked Jack in his arms [what a good daddy] until his baby eyes were closed tight, laid him in the play pen we brought, and the little guy slept through the night. What a cool kid. 

Once we woke up, we got some NY bagels [the best], said goodbye to my mom, and headed up to the sticks Alva with my dad and Denise for a BBQ at my Uncle Tim's house. We were able to show off Jack to the whole family and spend some time with everyone. Good times.

Good times in Alva

Overall, it was a ridiculously short trip, but we made the best of it. Jack was a perfect little guy, and I was just so glad to be able to bring Jack down to see the family.

I think we may be ready for a trip up to Michigan....

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