Tuesday, September 28, 2010


luck - noun
1. the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities
We all constantly question just how far luck plays a part in our lives; such as how much we believe or rely on it, or perhaps if we really believe in it. Most Christians would agree that you should swap out the word "luck" for "blessed". I feel so blessed to have Kyle in my life, blessed for our good health, blessed for the jobs we have, blessed for the families we already have, and blessed for Jack's arrival. However, when we turn it around and use the word "luck" negatively, the whole exchange of the word "blessed" doesn't seem to fit as well. For instance, I was not very blessed when I received a speeding ticket this past Friday. It just doesn't sound right..
I won't complain too much about my ticket, because I was speeding, so I got what I deserved [even if the cop was staking out sneakily before a construction zone right where the speed limit dropped] It was a little funny to me though because the only reason I was driving down that very road was to go to a CVS and pick up pictures, that weren't even ready yet, so I drove out there and got that ticket for nothing! Then, later on that evening, Kyle and I both started thinking out loud "it's feeling kind of warm in the house, isn't it?". Turns out our AC was broken, yet again. [Not feeling very blessed at that moment] After talking with our parents over the phone, we got their advice, called the AC emergency line and they were able to send out a technician within an hour or two. He came out, fixed it, and didn't charge us a thing! [Now we're talking being blessed]. So, thankfully, when we went to bed at night, we were able to fall asleep in a nice, cool room.
Over the weekend, we headed down to Marco Island for one last trip before Jack's big debut to visit with all the family down there, as well as celebrate my mom's birthday. Friday night we met up with my Dad and Denise at a Boston themed restaurant/bar in Naples. We watched the Yankees/Red Sox game on a flat screen TV that was in our booth while chowing down on some fried food that I haven't partaken in a while. Fried zucchini spears, fried won-tons, onion strings, sweet potato fries, etc. Within about 20 minutes of eating I soon experienced a terrible pain/cramping feeling. It felt like it was toward the surface of my belly, and just above my belly button. I didn't think this is what contractions would feel like. Plus, I'm only 31 weeks pregnant, I doubted the fact that I was actually having any true contractions. Still, I kept it to myself until I couldn't bear it anymore and told Kyle and everyone I wasn't feeling well. After taking a walk around the plaza outside, I felt much better. I'm almost certain that it was just from eating that fried food, especially since I haven't been used to eating it in the last 8 months. If anything it was a good reminder to myself to continue to stay away from that crappy food!

The rest of the weekend we spent chit-chatting about anything and everything with my mom, sister, and brother. We had some good food, went out on the boat, ate some more good food, and just enjoyed the company of one another. I hate leaving them, but at least I'll see my mom and sister in a few weeks for the baby shower----I cannot wait!
I certainly am one blessed girl.

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